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Rock & Roll Reality! (soon ...)

Rock & Roll Fantasy Studio: Coachella Party Pavilion (rendering)Andrew is installing a party pavilion at the Coachella music festival this week, the culmination of the “Rock & Roll Fantasy” studio co-taught with Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues (Ball-Nogues Studio) at Sci-Arc this semester.  Here’s a preview; more images to come as things come together and the revelry begins ...


(Some press so far.)


Rock & Roll Fantasy Studio: Space-frame components ready for erection

LA New Infrastructure Competition

Tom received an honorable mention in the competition, A New Infrastructure: Innovative Transit Solutions for Los Angeles hosted by SciArc and the Architect's Newspaper! His project, "Go Mixed-Modal," speculates on what LA might look like if our buses, trains, even cars shared the same electric infrastructure, paid for by building over LA's under-utilized rights-of-way (currently 26% of its land use).  Images from the entry are viewable below, or as a Flickr set here:


Charting things

Andrew's been charting things!

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Andrew has been selected to be on the board of the LA FORUM